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Why I'm Running...

The reason I decided to run for this position is that the past year had profoundly awakened me to the fact that those in power do not have the best interest at heart when it comes to our children.

It became increasingly more evident that decades of failure of the public school system have compacted so much in 2020 that the urgency is now greater than ever to stand up for the families of the great state of Arizona and finally bring common sense
solutions to fix a broken education system.

As a mother of three young children and a patriot who loves this country, the frustration, anger, pain and hopelessness expressed by with hundreds of parents I spoke with became too loud to ignore. Parents and children need their voices heard.

I hear them.

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Video Interview with Shiry Sapir


Parents are entitled to seek the education they think is best for the children. In order to achieve that two things should happen simultaneously:

1. Expand school choice options, ESA (Empowerment Scholarship Accounts) and make the process as easy and smooth as possible. Currently the Department of Education is slow-walking applications and makes it harder for families to qualify for the program while providing inadequate customer service. It is one my highest priorities to make the ADE responsive and
helpful in empowering families.

2. Improve the public school system so it becomes a preferable choice not a default option; as in the private sector, attracting customers is done based on performance and service. Every school either public, charter or private must aspire to be the best they can to earn their customers. It is important to note a decrease of 38,000 students for the 2021 enrollment in public schools. To me that is a very clear message of how unhappy the customers are. Surprisingly, the department hasn’t gotten the message yet.


It is time we have someone heading the department who understands that there is no shortage of money for education. Half of the budget of the state goes to education.
Keeping teachers’ pay low has been intentional to maintain it as a campaign issue, to the detriment of the teachers. The money is there and more of it became available through the 20% by 2020 act the governor signed into law.

The problem is that money is going to administrative positions instead of increasing teachers pay. This is an easy to solve problem if someone actually wanted to solve it, I am looking forward to demonstrate how it can be done once I take office. At the same time this also comes
with supporting teachers based on performance, standards and merit.


Recent developments have brought many parents to doubt the system, and we need to reestablish their trust. Parents should never have to wonder what the child is exposed to while in the care of the school. We must  develop better communication between all parties. I will not tolerate lack of transparency. I will fight for parental rights as explicitly described in the Parents Bill of Rights in the Arizona Statute, see below some highlights from the bill:
Summary of A.R.S. § 1-602 Parents Bill of Rights definition: A. All parental rights are reserved to a parent of a minor child without obstruction or interference from this state, any political subdivision of this state, any other governmental entity or any other institution, including:

1. The right to direct the education of the minor child.

2. All rights of parents identified in title 15, including the right to access and review all records relating to the minor child.
3. The right to direct the upbringing of the minor child.
4. The right to direct the moral or religious training of the minor child. 5. The right to make health care decisions for the minor child, including rights pursuant to sections 15-873, 36- 2271 and 36-2272, unless
otherwise prohibited by law. Unless those rights have been legally waived or legally terminated, parents have inalienable rights that are more comprehensive than those listed in this section. This chapter does
not prescribe all rights of parents. Unless otherwise required by law, the rights of parents of minor children shall not be limited or denied.


Holding teachers and districts accountable, to ensure policy matters are centered around the interest of the students first. Merit based funding is imperative in order to support teacher and student excellence.


Working closely with the legislature to funnel funds to programs that work while eliminating failing programs. The practice of adding new programs and wasting more money on what isn’t working for decades has not served our children well.


We need to ensure children are not confused or misguided, and are given the tools to excel. Our children are not mediocre. They are exceptional.

I will work to bring awareness of and stop the conditioning/ grooming of vulnerable children from all programs including Critical Race Theory,
Comprehensive Sex Education and Social Emotional Learning.

The illiteracy rates are staggering and the system is failing our children. 
Students are taught what to think not how to think, which leads to them become functionally illiterate and handicapped in terms of their ability to add and subtract, or even to apply their minds and think critically.


It might be a surprise to many, but the Superintendent’s role is largely administrative. 

However, the Superintendent is able to SET THE TONE at the Department of

Bringing back the spirit of unity, emphasizing American values such as patriotism, the
importance of the nuclear family, understanding and respect for our cultural
heritage and appreciation of the importance of physical fitness. I will focus on open
communication, accessibility and above all a profound stance that the good of ALL
Arizona children is of the highest priority.


Curriculum must be readily available to parents at all times. The new trend of hiding information from parents, opting students into classes without the consent of the parents, and language construction naming curriculum in different name to conceal what it really is has been troubling to many parents, is against the law, and must come to an end. School board meetings are becoming a contentious topic. This should never happen in a decent society. The parents must
remain an integral part of their child’s  education experience. This is not a  controversial statement. It is a fact.


No taxation without Representation. The community subsidizes the public school system. In return parents ought to have a say in the material their children are exposed to, and have the ability to opt in or out of certain subjects.


This has all but disappeared from the education arena. The simple skill is one that is necessary to bring back the trust of the parents in the broken system. The agenda driven and politically motivated decision makers and activists have put our children LAST for too long.


Some school districts retain staggering amounts of cash, where others cannot afford some basics. More than half of the school districts in Arizona are in remote or rural areas of the state. Those districts and the Indian reservations deserve to get their fair share.

Current formulas used to allocate funding to rural districts is not sufficient and requires reform and/or providing a stable, dedicated revenue source less reliant on the general fund or annual legislative appropriation.


Time in the classroom is precious and extremely valuable to the future of our youth. It is important to allocate the time for learning, problem-solving, building social communication skills and creativity.

We all love our children. We want the best for them. And we trust that they are safe and nurtured within the boundaries of the school. However, recent developments have brought many parent to doubt the system, and we need to reestablish their faith in the system. We are lacking a sense that we are all “in this together” and that needs to change and expeditiously.

Parents are entrusting their children in the hands of the school, and when a parent is wondering what the child may or may not be exposed to is a sign that something is wrong. We need to develop better communication between all parties. We need to ensure children are not confused or misguided, but are given the tools to not only become a better more successful student, also a good citizen and a confident adult. It is such a privilege to partake in this process, and we all need to come together for that novel goal. It is time for the taxpayers to say no taxation without representation.

For way too long there's a huge disconnect between what we as parents want for our children and what we are handed by the decision makers. We need to bridge the gap, and it can only be done if someone who truly cares is leading the department of education with values we all share regardless of political affiliation and with a simple skill called common sense. Help me be your voice.


Shiry Sapir is a successful Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, a General Contractor and an Interior Designer. As a mother of three young children, self-employed entrepreneur she had experienced many of the issues working parents experience when it comes to balancing work, being the best mother she can be and the constant worry about the wellness of her children.

She wants to make sure our voices are heard and families receive the support they deserve to productively balance that balancing act. Leading a successful career of 16 years she is bringing her expertise in problem-solving and management skills, as well as the ability to work with other professionals and community members alike.

Her love of children and determination to assure their well-being is a driving force behind her, and she wants to serve her community and families all over Arizona to do exactly that.


Shiry Sapir for Superintendent of Public Instruction

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